Interpersonal effective roleplay course

Responsibilities: Instructional Design, motion design, illustration, eLearning Development

Target Audience: PDD Funded stakeholders, including community service providers, Administrators of Family Managed Services (FMS), as well as services directly run and operated by PDD (Direct Operations).

Tools Used: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe AfterEffect, Adobe Premiere

Year: 2022


This animated training educates Lethbridge College student on how to approach their lecturers about issues they might be having in the classroom

To develop this demo, I used mind meister to map out the business goals, learning objectives, and practice scenarios. Using Photoshop and Aftereffects, I designed and animated carefully selected characters to mimic the scenario in real life.

Using recorded voiceovers, I was able to verbally create a walk-through scenario to highlight the key subjects students should focus on when discussing these issues.

This concept project serves as a demonstration of my versatility, and creativity when creating fully immersive eLearning design.

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