APRP Protocol PDD Training


Responsibilities: Instructional Design, eLearning Development

Target Audience: PDD Funded stakeholders, including community service providers, Administrators of Family Managed Services (FMS), as well as services directly run and operated by PDD (Direct Operations).

Tools Used: Articulate Storyline, Adobe Photoshop, Mindmeister, Powerpoint

Year: 2022


This interactive training educates stakeholders on the policy framework for preventing abuse and procedures to follow when responding to allegations of abuse, including addressing the immediate safety and security needs of the individual

To develop this demo, I used mind meister to map out the business goals, learning objectives, and practice scenarios. Using Photoshop and PowerPoint, I designed the interface with respect to focusing on the actual content. less distraction given the corporate theme

I created custom menus that make the user’s choice obvious. I employed the use of variables and adoptive branching scenarios to score the users and create dynamic results based on their choices in the practice questions.

This concept project serves as a demonstration of my commitment to creative, appealing, and fully immersive eLearning design. Although the template for this project wouldn’t necessarily be applicable to other subjects, it can serve as a benchmark for the level of quality and attention that can be expected from my work on any project.

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